About Us

L’eau Bijoux…is a collection of luxury jewelry cleaners. The brand is a collaboration between the world renowned NEW YORK LUXURY GROUP, LLC and trusted industry leader, LAVISH.

Our collection consists of: a jewelry bath, foaming cleaner and EXCLUSIVELY to the L’eau Bijoux brand…The DIAMOND EFFECT cleaning pen. Each of our jewelry cleaners are created from a bio-based formulation without harsh chemicals, peroxides, phosphates or ammonia. Therefore safe for fine, casual and heavier men’s jewelry.

The L’eau Bijoux packaging is designed to evoke luxury, convenience, of course…be travel friendly and looks great in any decor!

Whether at home, the office or on a private jet heading out of the country…time seldom permits scheduling a professional jewelry cleaning.

L’eau Bijoux invites you to experience a high quality jewelry cleaner that will set the standard for the ultimate in jewelry cleaning.

Warmest Regards,
Angel Francoise
Creative Director

“Luxury Lifestyle….Luxury Jewelry Cleaner”